Friday, August 22, 2014

The MotoCampo

Man, what a sweet sweet souvenir from the 80s! The Honda MotoCompo. (Could easily be adapted for today's e-biking needs!) Originally designed as a trunk bike for the Honda Today and Honda City cars. 50cc, 2-stroke, 30 km/hr. (Note the very 80s logotype on side of bike as well as overall shape and outline. ;-))

Watch a Youtube of it: here

Here's an extreme example of a folding bike:

The Y video: Here

Private Desk, Private Room

I have had an idea to design a 'private writing desk' for a long time. This is interesting on a few levels, but I think the chair has to be real comfortable, allowing one to relax and think. It would be sweet too if the whole unit is lockable (to keep prying eyes away).