Friday, August 31, 2012

Ventura and Braun Digital Watches

When I first saw this, I though the design was sweet. Then I discover that it was bastardized from a Ventura original that Braun had OEM in hopes of reviving its brand. It's a dangerous act. One, it can made Braun look desperate and second best. You can see that the original design had better ergonomic sense: it's surface is angled for a better viewing angle. This so-called BN-10 model can still work even without the ergonomics, only if it's flatter surface is small enuf to fit on the wrist. The original Ventura design (the V-tec Delta) also tries to break the flat surface symmetry of both the watch and wrist. For me, the design does work. 

Man-made Oyster

Man has learnt to imitate the natural process in which an oyster shell gets its psychedelic sheen. It begs to wonder what other natural surfaces the same technique can be used to 'grow'. Perhaps naturally on sides of buildings, rocks, etc. Gemstones next? (Pix: Real Mother of Pearl (left); man-grown specimen) Original news from Gizmag.

Combination Guns and Knifes

While researching for a new handphone cover, I came across these. An anti-stabbing knife, a 3-in-1 personal weapon, a knife and blow pipe, and some compact tools. Makes you wonder about being compact/effective that packs a punch....kinda like a Jet Li. (seen at

iPhone Coffee Table

At first looks, not terribly innovative. But this coffee table uses popular iPhone icons as coasters.

More here. Creative Coffee Tables

Viking Ship Bed

What a lovely thing this is, whether indoors or out.
Certainly to promote sweet dreams.

For more modern beds, check out: Modern Beds

Bar Desk

I built this from recycled materials. It is a bar counter and designed to replace a normal desk in the office, for folks who prefer to stand when working at their desk. It will help reduce risk of inactivity, deep vein thrombosis and other health concerns associated with sedentary office work.

I learnt this from an Ericsson project secretary in Stockholm in the late 90s.

The table consists of a recycled kitchen tabletop bolted to hollow tubes of clear acrylic. Artificial flowers have been placed inside to add beauty. Other things of choice may be placed inside, turning a normal office table into a changeable art object. The table top can be re-papered to a design of choice.

The full story hereBar Top Table

Zen Rocker

This is one rocker I don't mind sitting in a lotus position to gently rock and meditate. Forget about reading! From Behance Network, the professional creative platform.

A Bloody Meal

A table to die for/on? A concept idea from French designer John Nouanesing that can really be produced. You can check out his portfolio here. He's an avid skateboarder and I like the low-gravity skateboard he has designed.

A Banner Watch

This is one incredible looking watch. It's called banner watch because the numerals and other indications are printed on a ticker tape and moved with matching drums.

More here: Devon Works

This reminds of a time when folks experimented with various LED watches. You can find examples here: LED Watches. And one of the most cutting-edge then was the FM radio watch from the Sinclair Labs, the making of which is recalled here by its chief designer: Sinclair FM Radio Watch - Making-Of

Plastic Classic

A new take on the classic Chinese 'Loop Chair'. By Taiwanese designer Pili Wu.

I would love it in black with gold flakes. Still, the stool does make it unglam no matter what the color it takes on. The seat should have those Chinese coin motifs!

Lilliputian Elevator Art

This is such a fantastic piece of IA (installation art) from Maurizio Cattelan.

I found it at another blog. Will try to rediscover the link.

It says the lifts behave like real (sounds and actions, even the number lights work). Cool, isn't it? One of those IWIHTOT ("I wish I had thot of that") moments. But the clever bit is that when you place something inside one of the cars, it disappears and re-appears at the other side.