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I am a designer who has worked in Engineering, Journalism, PR, Marketing, Advertising, Start-up, Education (Science, Studio Filming, Photography, Creativity), even once in a timber yard during school vacation. As such, I am a person of wide experience in the literal sense. I should have been an architect, but for a quirk of fate, had ended up being an engineer and product designer. I have since diversified my portfolio of skills...more so through being head-hunted for a job more than anything else. And in each vocation, I have excelled.

I have three passions and one of them is Design. Victor Papanek's Real World Design published in the early 70s remain a seminal classic and favourite of mine. I hope you can find a copy to read, especially if you are a student keen on using local materials to innovate and devise new solutions that meet a social need. It is a legacy text that should not be neglected by those in Product Design.

I am very observant and am using this blog will record  my observations and comments about current and past designs. Also, innovative design ideas can appear anywhere, in both big and small products. Some are novel, while some do it to save material. It's easy to overlook and forget. But old ideas can bring new insights and even new applications!

Please enjoy the blog and leave a comment if an entry impacts you in some way..


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